The Joy Of Dressing Is An Art!

Our Philosophy

With over 40 years of experience in the field of men's clothing, ALTER EGO is nowadays a point of reference for any modern man. With deep knowledge in the field of fashion and with a main focus on the selection of the best fabrics, it produces and trades high quality clothes at the most affordable prices

Υou can find ALTER EGO collection, which consists of men's suits and accessories, coats - jackets, shirts - blouses, etc. , in the company's three retail stores in the city of Thessaloniki as well as in an expanded network of partner stores throughout Greece.

In the retail stores you will also nd the collec&ons of famous brands such as CALVIN KLEIN, BOSS SHOES, VERSACE 19V69, ESSENZA etc.

Our commitment is to provide value for your money by o)ering you excep&onal clothing at a)ordable prices.